Media Search... finding spell icons

For wow classic, I am trying to find icons for spells and abilities. I read through the documentation for media search and I don’t understand how I can search for a spell by name…

let’s say I’m looking for “Mortal Strike” icon… how would I go about doing that?

Thanks in advance.

The path /data/wow/search/spell?namespace=static-classic-us&name.en_US=Mortal%20Strike&access_token=TOKEN would search for spells named Mortal Strike on Classic.

However, the spell API is not supported on Classic.

Finally got around to trying the url… unfortunately, it is a spell search and not a media search.

I tried doing some media searches, but really can’t figure out how to use the name field. here is my example:


I’ve tried adding in locale, but that didnt seem to help either.