mDNSResponder.exe caused computer to temporarily shut down

Just now, my computer shut down for a moment, then came back with all apps still running.

Curious, I checked the Windows Event Viewer and found that the Bonjour service had 2 errors: NextScheduledEvent and NextScheduledSPRetry both had a value of 1250 (which I assume is milliseconds) which raised a Task Scheduling Error: Continously busy for more than a second.

I checked out the Bonjour service that was currently running, which pointed at C:\Program Files(x86)\Blizzard\mDNSResponder.exe, the only file in that folder. I might have tried to uninstall something Blizzard-related at some point and it skipped the responder app because it was still running, but I don’t know.

Not sure if this is a problem on Blizz’s, Apple’s or my end, but figured it was worth bringing up. I’ve since turned off the service and deleted the .exe, and I’ll let you know if I get another crash.