Maybe someone from Blizz can reply to this one

“ isn’t responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes.”

It’s been several weeks. What’s the deal…?

Have you checked other posts? Are you using a VPN?

Yes I have checked other posts. I am not using a vpn.

You got a suspension on this IP about a week and a half ago. It expires early on the 2nd, so by the afternoon of July 2 you should be able to play again. Before trying to log in to again, you should double check this list to ensure you’re not doing anything that might get your IP suspended. Keep in mind that if this IP is flagged as a business network you will run into this as well, so make sure you’re playing from home.

can you check mine please and thank you im having the same issue if you need my support post about it this is it

Same here. If possible. Don’t mean to hijack. I got brand new internet installed and on the day-of, I was banned for literally doing nothing other than sitting in a channel. Its been weeks.

I also made my own thread with no answer =\

Some of us don’t know that we can’t play from “business” ip. I did that at a hotel and now Im suspended… this is really asinine. Can you please make a suggestion to blizzard? Their sad attempt to ban bot does not work. There’s a ton of botters. What does happen is legit people getting banned in the process.

The OP’s question has already been answered so I’m going to lock this one up. If you need more information on this type of issue, I recommend reviewing this article.. We do not remove these suspensions for any reason.

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