Mass transfer or free one

Hey, this is Brandal of Spirestone and I have a concern
When I was a new player I didn’t know which servers were good and what were bad, I am trying to gain five million gold for my brutosaur mount and it’s hard to sell stuff on my server because it’s such low pop

I was planning on transferring anyway because of a guild I like to sargaras, however for all 5 of my toons I want to transfer that would cost 125 dollars which I think is a little much for me. I need each of these toons due to professions and I am attached to a few of em, simply making a new death knight and not playing this one would be like killing a friend.
I think there should be mass server transfers available for like 60/70 bucks or free transfers off low pop servers
Heck spirestone is like mostly horde which makes alliance even smaller pop. I am really disappointed as a wow player to have to deal with all these major problems.

Sorry but this has nothing to do with the API. Please try the World of Warcraft forum instead.

I’m sorry, I posted there first but they told me to post here

They actually directed you here:

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