Make wow free to play and improvements

I would like to apologize for my English or grammar in advance as it is not my main language. South African - Afrikaans like dutch :smiley:

I don’t mind paying for a broken game - In my currency its close to 1k for expansion base and 400/500 ZAR PM - EXAMPLE 500ZAR worth about 24 x 2liters of coke -Just gets extremely extremely lonely :confused:

First of all the following people will complain.
Boosters/Botter or anyone having there finger in the pie and perhaps even some Elites/Vets and some of the following topics may arise.

WoW will become Pay to win
In truth has WoW not always been pay to win ? As I can just buy PvP boost / Mythic boost / Raid carries/ Even as much gold as I want. Therefor how can this be a valid reason to disagree.

If WoW becomes Free To Play I will leave
Reason 1 would be that you have your finger in the pie and therefor will no longer be able to benefit as the increase in player base will make the service redundant.
How is this ? As the game is free to play the player is no longer required to feel pressured and removes the mind set of “I paid for this and need to make the most of the experience therefor pay for services so I can get ahead and achieve more in little time”

Vets and older players as they are trying to grasp or hold that little of what is left what they felt when they started playing the game. Truth is nothing stays the same at least 60% of guilds only have 30 or less members online or even active.

Community will become toxic/Botting increase/Noobs Ect

Watch the comments below this post :slight_smile: need I say more…
Most players are only playing for personal gain at this point as they pay - So time = to money and therefor players become impatient with new players with rude remakes /slang ect if they make mistakes for example in a mythic or in most cases to be honest.

In my honest opinion in aggressively toxic manner even far beyond simple BS’ing.
Removing the Paying factor will greatly increase the overall friendliness ect something does not go your way - fine just go next as your no longer pushing against time.

As these and all other insipid comments to follow -

So here is my Suggestions and reasoning for WoW to be Free To Play

  1. 95% if not all private servers will close - and those revenue can be used to improve the current game as there are truly countless of them.
    2.Botting will only push the eco lower therefor it will be even easier to obtain mats/regs/potions ect ect - And therefore become irrelevant. Accept for gold farming.
  2. Due to the increase in player base - player gold generation needs to be at least 1/4 as of current values per hour and vendor sell prices decreased.
  3. The auction house should have the function to sell gold - which is controlled by Bliz.
    Example - You sell your gold on auction bliz rate say 10k gold amounts to 1euro which is credit to your bliz account to be used on WoW feature /Expansion ect only no refundable. And same goes for someone buying the gold they pay exp 1Euro and receive in game 10k. As these 2 steps will remove botting and those services. And it is to benefit Bliz.
  4. The shop must change - All cosmetics / Transmorg tier sets and none current mounts - expect achievement based ect must purchasable with either Real world money or ingame currency example this mount drop rate is X it will take you approx. 30 runs to get this your 30 runs will take you lets say 8 hours. Therefore exchange rate * hours Will cost you Example 50k gold ingame or 5 euro. Same with amour transmorg ect . even with character level boost.

““Please note that this will not apply to current content and will not receive the actual gear just the cosmetic but the mount battle pet ect of course you will receive it.””

This open doors to also none content related cosmetics- For example I will pay 100 euro with a smile to have my roque be a Starcaft 2 zealot look alike with a WoW feel to it .

All the above steps need to be followed as to remove the extra ingame or “Floating gold”
And will lead to a need for gold - where bliz can $$$$$ cash in on this as players will be buying the gold.( like a casino if you understand the workings behind them).

  1. Refer a friend must be removed as this will be taken advantage of .

  2. The subscriber / Wow token should be kept BUT this needs to be more appealing for players.
    Possible benefits
    6.1 Appreciation package - where a subscriber will get mailed weekly with a package containing / 5 x raid potions/flask/meals just the minimal essential and perhaps a chance drop a cosmetic ( something in those lines) Due to less gold floating.
    6.2 The Refer a friend function of summoning/TP needs to be added to all subscribers.
    6.3 10% increase movement / gathering - none combat open world
    6.4 Personal Banker Toy that allows you to access your personal bank (exp like guild vault bank)
    6.5 10% exp on leveling
    6.6 If housing comes around subscribers my have profession trainers in house / or guild housing allows subs to decorate with achievements like boss dragon head on walls ect.
    that makes it much better to subscribe but doesn’t give a advantage in sense of raiding pvp key factors - BUT it greatly enhances the experience.
    6.7 Other benefits as above - related

No payers play wow in HD subs play in 4K HAHA ( same game same opportunities one takes much longer and ultimately the experience changes ) - and not referring to screen resolution but the player experience difference.

The main thing that will be is that it will be Fair game for all paying and not paying to achieve all and at there own time. Either way your time spent will feel more rewarding.


Please add a stat/Bonus/Socket anything for pvp gear / example tier set reduce player damage by 5%-10% that will only be applicable to pvp gear - I can basically wear the same gear and do everything… atleast this will make a difference raiding / PVP

Or allow professions to craft pvp gear - Stat/bonus or socket to make this more clear.
And please make / Mail amour (metalworking) a profession on its own its currently split between 2-3 other professions. (LW/BS/ENG)