Make warzone its own game

so sick of downloading 30 gb updates for a feature i could give two craps about. i dont play “warzone” never have and never will. quit eating all the space on my drive for this garbage gametype.


Blizzard doesn’t own or develop any the CoD games. They all belong to other game studios who are all under Activision.

Thus, if you’d like a change to how the CoD games are packaged, you’ll need to reach out to Activision.

So you are not really giving an answer to the question. You are just using a scapegoat. Do you actually have an answer or just hiding in the shadows like a troll Leviathan?

To clarify some things, PennyPoo1.

No questions were asked here. The OP provided feedback on how the CoD games are bundled/patched. However, if a question had been asked about bundling, what I provided above is still the answer.

You seem to misunderstand the concept. Scapegoatimg is putting blame/responsiblity on a party who has nothing to do with the situation. Here, I put responsiblity on the only party that’s involved.

Again, no questions were asked here. As for ‘hiding in the shadows like a troll’, not liking what someone says doesn’t immediately make it trolling.

So again, PennyPoo1, Blizzard has no involvement in how the CoD games are bundled or patched. Only Activision does.