Make Diablo2 Legendary Agian

Greetings stranger I’m not surprised to see you on my post! Many D2 Heroes have come Sense the recent announcement of Diablo2 Resurrected.

No doubt you heard of the problems involving JSP and Botting! some say that the Ladders and Remaster will be bot free! not sure if i believe in that.

However they did start listening to D2 Fans vs D3 for Diablo4. and many hopes of a legendary Diablo4/D2 Remastered. and many fans have been Restored in that wake.

Until its a bot free D2 and the staff understand why D2 is the greatest version of Diablo. ill remain here with my money. wouldn’t want the Tragedy the befell Blizzard North. and Diablo2 to consume me as well.

Talk to Diaton and his Discord they seem to be keeping the Fans alive and active maybe that can help you.

Make Diablo Legendary Agian!
-Diaton Sabaoth

theyve killed it for me deleting my original chars with all my best gozu gear 10 years worth .then to be ignored .the current version of blizzard just isnt capable of it

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