Major in-app latency

Having major issues with opening new chat windows, typing, launching anything in the window.

Checking the Bnet exes in task manager shows 3 processes under 100k. So it’s definitely not CPU load. 32 gig RAM, so defs not hardware.

What happened? Before this facelift to the desktop app it was stable for such a long time.

Please edit the post and relocate it to #feedback-discussion so developers will see it. They aren’t monitoring the support area.

No worries. I’ve edited it. Thank you for your response.

Just wanted to add. If I minimize or maximize the Bnet app or any of its windows. I’ll get a black window for 10-20 seconds until the window is able to load. While doing this, ive also been monitoring the task manager. The hardware load doesnt change during the lag/load period.

(SPECS - Win7 64 Ult, 32G Ram, 4G GPU, i7 6700k, SSD. GPU has latest drivers).

Is there an option to revert to the previous launcher?

No way to revert to the previous launcher currently. I’m also experiencing the issues you’re mentioning, and I also dislike the new font and color options on message windows.

If you’re still seeing this, I was able to resolve it by changing a setting.

Click the Bnet icon in the top right >
Settings >
App >
uncheck Use browser hardware acceleration.