[Main Thread] "Failed - Network Error" with Battle.net Set-up file

Fix worked. I wish it had been a little easier to find. Just put in a new drive and tried a million things before this. Seriously–thanks, though.

Diablo 2 is still not working for me. I’ve probably installed it 12 different times at this point with CD Keys I bought straight from the site. Look, I’ve been playing D2 since I was 6 (2001). It’s frustrating that I can’t play it now. Please help me out here with a different suggestion, I don’t know why I can’t log on but it’s not on my end.


When installing blizzard client it gets stuck updating so i cannot install battle.net nor play call of duty


I got a refund very easily! I strongly recommend getting one for anyone else having issues. Total sc*m, if I do say so myself.

[I won’t be playing this game :slight_smile: and I’m really glad that this forum post showed up when I was getting the refund]/s

The eu link for Anthology is NOT working, please FIX:

This site can’t be reached

www.eu.battle.net ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


For Starcraft Anthology, could you try this link for Windows and this link for mac? It may still give the error but the file installation should work. Edited the link above.

This issue is intended to track the set up file installation issues. If you are running into this issue, please refer to the post above for Battle.net and this post for Diablo III.

If you are experiencing a different issue such as “Starting battle.net” or after the Blizzard Application is installed and its running into installation issues, please refer to a more recent thread or create a new thread.

Thank you for your reports and if you do need to provide an installation issue, please report here with a connection tests to our patch servers. Use the IP Address/Host name: us.patch.battle.net

You can copy and paste it here between two ~~~ like so:

Connection Test
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Still no fix to this

I’m not able to download, install the US or EU versions, or update anything. The launcher crashes on startup.


@preguicinha, crashing is a completely different issue to the “Failed - Network Error” issue. This is an installation issue with the download set up within the browser. Please start a new thread or contact our Technical Support team.

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I’m having both issues. Already addressed it in another thread. But the download issue stills.

I just bought a new computer and I cant even download game again at all on it its a gaming laptop and it wont even do anything it tells me it cant and I cant do anything from battlenet or Warcraft websites


I’m having the same problem, can’t even download the installer without getting the “Failed-Network error” message. I’ve followed all the suggestions posted above by Caterpepi and it still won’t work.


Having same isue, cant download the app, please reply


having the same issue fresh install on new hardrives

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This is a network issue, Blizzard. Several players I know in the western region of the US experienced disconnects from Overwatch AND Battle.net. In both instances, those players lost SR AND suffered suspensions.

You can collect logs from the client. Please consider developing a means to determine when a client is having legitimate network issues, or a user is abusing leaving games or disconnecting their interface. And for goodness sake, PLEASE consider how to minimize penalties in those cases.


I’m having the same issue with the app download, even asked a friend thinking it may be my internet connection and nothing, i even used my phone and got the same results.


I’m having the same issue. Bought some new parts for my pc and was reallocating all my old files, so i just wiped the whole thing and when i went to reinstall, i got this bug. Blizzard please fix.

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I’m getting the same issue. Tried multiple browsers, multiple PCs, and took the steps recommended above. Blizzard, please get on this - it’s clearly a widespread issue.

Edited: Battle.net-Setup.exe fails around 1.9MB every single time I try to download. I didn’t check what size Overwatch-Setup.exe fails, but it does the same. Both say “Failed - Network error” and the download stops. Blizzard, please take care of your (paying) customers.


Hey y’all,

Have you tried the rest of the steps listed here?


This worked for me, ty.