[Main Thread] Diablo 2 - Problems creating games, joining games, long queue times

Diablo 2 USEast Ladder
Playable: No
2374 in queue
Queue time: 257 seconds

FFS? How long are you going to continue to let this drag out?

Now that my restriction for trying to play on a business connection is over, I don’t even have a desire to play due to the queue problem, especially considering that I have no idea when this problem is going to be permanently fixed.

Come on Blizzard, we need some good news. We’ve been left in the dark for too long. If you’re working on it, that’s great! Give us some updates on the progress, an ETA if you have it. We don’t need the whole book, just a couple of chapters. Even something along the lines of “This problem will be resolved by the start of the next ladder season.” would tickle me pink. Please!


I love how all the complaints get tagged in this thread and no response… its almost as if they want the complaints buried…


Complete lack of care… WHATS THE DEAL ACTIBLIZZ!!!


If we said “Please” would that help fix the servers?

I doubt any amount of pleading or begging will motivate them any more than they already are. I believe the ONLY solution is a complete remake/remaster of the game, which is my best guess as to why they have been keeping us in the dark about the issues. They don’t want to leak any information about it, which is understandable.

There is an old adage, “silence speaks volumes”. While any information derived is still technically conjecture, the information extrapolated by lack of communication, subtle hints, deductive and inductive reasoning can be viewed as a way of “peering into the crystal ball” of the future.

The biggest example of a hint is the MacOS Catalina 64 bit problem, they said they’re “working on a fix”. It will be a year ago that a Blizzard rep said this come October 26th.

Keep your fingers crossed. It may be a while before anything happens.

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3500+ queue

Just kicks you out of line doesn’t even make games anymore

Blizz… MIA? Not a peep?

Maybe we all need to make twitter accounts and start blasting them with how horrible this game is managed every time they tweet about selling products


You still aware of the problems? Or you going to continue to spout off false promises and continue to provide zero transparency to your players. The fact your East Ladder servers have had Queues of 2500-8000 since last Thursday is completely pathetic.


The problem still persists…any updates would be appreciated.

Sorry to burst your bubble but i believe the most probable reason is that they simply do not see any further benefits in keeping Diablo 2 alive anymore, they don’t see the player base as big and profitable as it is on their other games so eventually this will end up with servers being shut down.


What bubble are you referring to? There are many. :smiley:

Expecting a remaster/remake or any kind of permanent fix to the current problems.

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Expecting? Oh that bubble. Hoping is more like it.

“Woah!” < said in by best impersonation of a Keanu Reeves voice

This posting has received 12,600 views. Sheesh. There ought to be like a free unidentified annihilus and an unid’d torch for gathering this many views. What say you?! :blush:


Its clear to me now blizz does not care about d2, which is a shame because without this game, blizz would not be as successful as it is. Unfortunately due to long que times its become to frustrating to play this ladder season and I will have to put it down. I don’t plan to support blizzard by buying their games in the future.


Why is this happening for months now? Fix it!!!

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The problem with this queue situation is that legitimate players care. The bots of course don’t care, the bot ringleaders don’t care either, because they’re not sitting in front of the screen waiting to create the game.

This situation is doing a great job of alienating the legitimate Diablo 2 fanbase. If something isn’t done soon, there may not be any legitimate players left who want to play the game if it is ever fixed.

It feels like planned obsolescence to me. I hope it isn’t the case.


After my 4 day suspension I’m back to say my say. Its been three weeks and your USEast Ladder Queues have been there and are not going away. Europe and West realms have no queues so why can’t you fix USEast?

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I think a little transparency will go a long way. Is it bots? Is it blizz migrating servers? Or do they not know what the problem is? Also is there any estimate as to when this issue might be finally resolved?

Queues are gone , for how ,long this time , 3 days ?