Main Menu where I choose character

My power went out earlier, and since then I am unable to select any of the people I have made, and it just freezes with me still being able to move my mouse, and hear the music, but it wont load up anything else.


Same for me this morning I have too task manager close it


Had some kind of freeze when i logged out of the game. When i try to start now, i only see a half built start screen, don’t see my Char and cannot push any button, while the cursor is still moving. Have to close with task manager.


I logged on this morning 8am Est time logged off and now at 3pm trying and running into this same issue

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same technical problem !


I am having the exact same issues, and it is not resolved with multiple restarts of or my computer.

Same issue here. After this mornings patch update by the game, I can no longer get into the game. Uninstall/reinstall, driver updates, scan and repair, nothing works.

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This is why I don’t play in betas. The system is garbage and even when you get on it lags and disconnects most of the time. This was a sad attempt at an open beta.

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Same thing here. I played this morning just fine, even earlier this afternoon. Now I’m stuck in character selection without being able to see the characters and half-loaded character selection screen. Unable to click anything.

Same issue here. Can’t select character. Tried everything : uninstall all, disable chroma, use different windows account… nothing works.

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same issue, last day of beta wanted to grind up to cap and see all features but I guess Blizzard decided we can’t play today.