Mage tower too much

I first few hundred attempts as a guardian druid and I am so disappointed. This is way too buffed up, can’t even get past the first phase. I come out and there’s loads of people all saying the same things about how their encounters are also way too powerful and they can’t progress at all. These events are supposed to be fun and a bit challenging, but instead it’s not pleasant at all and seemingly impossible (from my position).
Please make this more doable!!!


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Affliction Warlock mage tower is actually cancer. SO over tuned fix it blizzard FFS

just look guides online

All mage towers are broken right now… most of them you can’t even get past first phase.
Overtuned? YES…Why? Because we don’t have leggos as we used to have in legion, we can’t use artifacts either… We can’t use 90% of things that we use to play this game overall and what classes are actually build in this course of game…
Blizzard built current Mage Tower to be the same as Legion one BUT without any leggos or Tier sets that gave you empowerment in any kind of way no matter what it was… if ppl were having troubles completing it during Legion mage tower with legendaries and stuff, how do you think they will do it without them and 90% stuff is lock on top of that…
Tune down those bosses that are broken right now… ( Agatha shows 150 dmg done but in reality is 1500 per hit and her HP is HUGE compared to what dmg we are doing, it will take a long long time to kill her if your concentration is not down after all the broken stuff going around…she disappears most of the time during encounter or the moment you enter encounter… her imps are broken… they spawn all at once multiple times that you can’t handle all of that … if you had artifact on you then maybe you can down them somehow but at current state…not possible ) Tank challenge I wont even go there HP is way too high on boss…
Tune it down and give ppl easier time to get cosmetics or this game is done for real this time… its already on last thread and its a thin one… this mage tower is one of the things that will make ppl look forward to coming back… but at this point I don’t see it…
Mage Tower legion…I did it many times on all chars and classes for me and friends even… but now I don’t see this as exiting anymore…its broken, overtuned, copy/paste…

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the shadow buff from ptr was totally unwarranted. The nether horrors were killable on ptr but now forget it, Incap or you have to use an orb and thats only p1. GG blizz, your already dying game just died a bit more.

I am already very tired and losing my sanity. There are more than 200 tries as demo warlock and I’m not succeeding at all, Sigryn is becaming enraged at 24%. Mage Tower is broken

why make something so hard to complete and give such terrible rewards if u do complete it?
seems like blizz wants you to work hard for something for a long time and if u do finish it, get a slap in the face and be told…better luck next time sucka

I feel you on this. I have as off tonight 400 wipes. I know the fight. Watched too many videos. I have tried both the boomy way and all out tank way. A lot of people say this has no RNG. Explain why one fight the infernal lands on you and the next one will land across the map. Explain why in P1 the boss will some times cast drain life with in the first two casts, and in others it will be the forth cast. I work 60-80+ a week. I have put soo much time and gold into this. Sure , a challenge is fine. 400 wipes. Way too much. Not everyone is an elite player and can use full scale keybinds/macros. I wiped at p2 22 times at 1%. the rest have been 4-14%. Just not enough damage pumped out. Congratz to the people who did get it, but not all players are amazing players. I just wish it was more straight forward to what stats you need the most etc. The dif food/flasks all scale differently. I have played for years. This by far has left a bad mental strain to me. With per-existing mental issues, this did not help in any way. It has made it worse and makes me feel less than and before Mage tower came back i felt like i was a good players. RIP to us players who have tried so hard just for people to tell us to “get good” " Keep trying! you got this!" knowing well and good that everyone is not going to get it. I watched a lot of videos on this fight. The purple bumper bars you jump over . If some videos you see people running threw them with no push backs. I will be jumping and still be pushed back at lest 2-3 times before my toon goes over it.( That is just one)