[Mac & Windows] Failed - Network Error


I cant download the app or Diablo. Whenever I start the download, it runs for 30 seconds and thats it! I’ve run all the troubleshooting on this site and I still cant get it. Help please!

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i guess this is very common for the month so no replies from blizzard here

Yes it seems that way! Nothing from support either!

I’m having the same issue, receiving a network error when I tried to install battle.net on a mac. Does it not work on mac catalina period?

same here, had a battle net app but kept getting some error over at my game list. ended up uninstalling and now i cant even download the battle net app.

I moved a few posts here. The other thread was a unique situation and not relevant to the installation issues reported.

The Blizzard application does work on Catalina, though we have seen issues with it occasionally trying to install the 32-version instead of the 64-bit version. Trying the installation file a few times tends to fix this issue. Our team is aware and looking into this issue.

For the “Failed - Network Error” or issues with downloading the Blizzard set up file, this is a common issue that we see when there’s a problem with connecting to the patch servers. The following steps should help:

  • Check for browser updates.

  • Try a different browser.

  • Check the proxy settings.

  • Try a different region link.

    • For Catalina, try these links. (Americas | Europe)
    • For MacOS prior to Catalina, try these distribution links. (Americas | Europe)
      These distribution links are 32-bit versions and will not work with Catalina.

    Please select a different region, so if you are trying to download the US version, try the EU version instead and vice versa. This is because it will use the different region’s patch servers which can help with connection issues to the home region patch servers.

  • If you are on wireless and support dualband connections, try switching between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network.

  • Try an alternative connection.

When installing, please ensure to use the unarchiver and not a different archive tool.

These suggestions will also work with Windows, if anyone using Windows experiences the same, “Failed - Network Error.” For Windows, please try these different region links. (Americas | Europe)

[Edited] Due to the volume of this error, please refer to this thread if the problem continues after these suggestions. Closing this thread.