Mac users are treated unfairly and it's frustrating

Not talking about diablo 4 or overwatch. I am talking about information/news in the application.

At all times, usually twice as many promotion/news panels are simply MISSING in the mac client.

No, i am not making things up. The clients are fed with different content and i guess because it’s work, you will not do all of them for mac. And it’s not different in the new beta. It’s even worse because there is no unified news tab anymore.

Please change your stance on this.

Oh and if anyone tries to tell me macs are not for gaming - I have played blizzards games for 21 years exclusively ON MAC.

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You have been using a Mac for blizzard games for 21 years? And it’s taken you this long to realize that macs are junk and nobody cares? That’s hysterical

Blizzard say only “sorry, overwatch does not support mac.” :rage: