Mac OS 12.6 Battle net app missing Diablo4


After receiving the second official invitation for Diablo 4 end game beta at Tuesday 23pm European time, I closed and opened the battle net app several times but still Diablo4 Beta is nowhere to be seen…

Do I need to install a different Agent for Beta only?
Do i have to wait longer, maybe it comes in waves?

I checked my Account on if the correct account is connected to Battle net app : OK
(could only be ok because I only have 1 account)

what else to do to make it happen?

Kind regards

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Facing the same issue. I tried checking the main website, installing the windows client through wine but it failed.

Have you tried that? Or maybe via parallels or something?

I haven’t tried wine, coz I figured D4 is also for Macs available.
I’ve read here and there D4 is not made for Mac, but I see no official statement on that.
the only official I read is ‘on pc’, and pc doesn’t signify windows or Mac so I assume it’s made for all.

do we wait for an official reply here?

Iam also a Mac user and didnt see any Diablo4 icon in battle net on my Imac, so i got my old laptop, and did instal battle net app on that one, and then i got the Diablo4 icon and did install all 77GB of the beta on my old Pc, and offcouse it was not compatible with my Pc, so al that work for nothing…can still not play it.

I also have a MAC and I try not to litter it with games, for this there is a fast computer

I had the same problem. The Diablo IV end game closed beta isn’t available on Mac, hence you don’t see it in the Mac desktop app. You have to use an actual PC. I’ve confirmed this.

The question I have is how does one get the D4 end game closed beta on Xbox? I’ve linked my Xbox account with my account, but now what? Where do I go to get/download the game?

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