[Mac] Each time I boot a game in battle.net, it creates an icon for that game in my taskbar which I have to delete

There are two white lines in the tray isolating whichever game from Downloads+Trash (right), and the rest of my apps (left). Whenever I delete the game’s unwanted icon, the white line count reduced to the desired 1 (just separating my Downloads+Trash-

In other words, the Mac OS seems to wish to differentiate these unwanted icons (which again are just created without my consent and need to be deleted each time) from the desired icons I’ve placed there myself.

Do I need to reinstall? …Maybe delete the Battle.net icon and replace it in the tray after? Just two solutions I’d seen on here trying to find anything similar to my problem. I honestly wouldn’t have bothered logging in and junking up your forum if I had found anything anywhere else similar- so thank you!

No need to reinstall. Part of current OS as a recently played item in that part of bar. Not a permanent add-on to Dock. Right click, select Options, remove from Dock