M1 mac support in Beta WoW is fragile at best

Trying to get to Beta WoW forum via BattleNet doesn’t seem to work. I had to force a login on the website to get this far even though BattleNet is up.


ok that’s the bug for the Bnet App, now for the WoW beta:

Have not been able to successfully teleport a character to Isle of Dorn for more than a few seconds (on a mage, hah) or on a druid (at all, it crashed so hard now the Beta won’t load at all). Ipv6 support is absent. Turning on “optimize for speed” optimizes for crashing even in town. It all works fine on those in retail Live so I know that they know how to do this.

I should never have trusted that Tauren not to eat a couple of alliance characters


I did okay in the Alpha (no ipv6 internet support there either) so this is a serious error in Quesztertauren transport handling.