Lvl 10 Twinking

level 10 twinking is my new fun founded system. yes its very limited on what you can achieve, but nonetheless is still very fun. i would be interested if anyone else is doing this.

this all came about by accident and boredom. my banker was lvl 4 or whatever and wasnt able to use the portal to get to another mjr city. so i lvld to 10. as my main and alts got to sufficient gear and professions were satisfactory for my needs, the game got a little boring. so i started to see what i could do as a lvl 10 hunter to pass time as AH sales were coming in.

i started getting greens lvl 8-9 (from all expansions) to put on the AH without the deposit being any issue at all. this actually became lucrative at certain times of the year.

ive never posted here before now, so if i did it wrong i apologize sincerely. ive been playing this game since it came out. and i still dont know wth im doing. just having fun.

p.s. category is wrong, i know, but there were no better choices.

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