Lots of UI missing?

Having a ton of problems in the game.

I have no action bar at the bottom of my screen like D3.
I cant even figure out how to duck to get under something in the fractured peaks.
In the options menu no key bindings are showing up at all. Id like to be able to see what even the defaults are. If i do bind something, it still doesnt show.

Any help from community would be helpful. thank you.

I am getting something similar. I am also getting rendering issues on the map (as in, the map is very blurry). Two pictures below. The second is with the inventory window open, but notice the actual inventory does not appear.




This forum is for providing comments/feedback to Blizzard on the Battle.Net Desktop App; issues such as those you both are describing should be reported in the appropriate category of the Diablo IV forums:

Best of luck in your games !