Lost Vikings multiplayer - how to switch screen focus between players? [SOLVED]

I just tried Lost Vikings 2 player (amazing - I’ve only ever played the DOS version so it’s awesome that this exists). But I noticed that one player’s viking always has screen focus. The other player can control their viking if they happen to be on screen, but if the two vikings get separated, there’s no obvious way to let the second player play the game. Is there a way to switch which viking is centered on screen?

The way it is now, whoever is holding the “first” controller basically has to do all of the bits where one viking goes off and does a thing on their own. In fact, I don’t even see how it would be possible to complete 3-player mode (haven’t tried), assuming you can’t switch vikings at all; how would players 2 and 3 ever go more than a screen away from player 1?

EDIT: I found the answer by looking up the original SNES and Genesis manuals for this game.

In the SNES and Definitive editions, you can pass screen control to the other player by pressing both LB and RB together (on the SNES, this was the L and R buttons).

In the Genesis edition, you can pass screen control by pressing A, B and X together (on the Genesis 6-button controller, this was the A, B and C buttons).

It would be nice if this is documented anywhere in the game - I can’t see it anywhere. I suggest adding it as a non-editable line item in the control configuration screen.

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