Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing being added!

In an email sent out tonight by Blizzard regarding Crash Bandicoot 4, they also included an update regarding Blizzard Arcade Collection: Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing are both being added, for free, in the near future!

Lost Vikings 2 is a lost classic. The original version by Blizzard was only ever released on the SNES (late in the console’s life cycle) and has never been ported. Paradox Software wound up doing a 32-bit conversion that was released on PC, PS1, and Saturn called Norse by Norsewest: The Return of the Lost Vikings. This version is good for what it is, but it made some odd design choices with the graphics and sound that turned a lot of people off. Having the original Blizzard version available to such a wide audience will be great!


Is this true? Great!!! I loved both Lost Vikings 1 and 2 and was turned down only LV1 was included in the arcade collection, thanks for such great news!!! (haven’t seen that public anywhere else to check tho… could you show somehow?) Thanks!

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Yes! I give my word. Blizzard sent out an email last night announcing Crash Bandicoot 4 being now available on Battle.net. At the bottom of that email was an ad for Blizzard Arcade Collection which said “5 classic Blizzard games modernized blah blah…” it then said 3 games are currently available and Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing are being added in the near future.

Did you get the Crash email? If so, go check the bottom!

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I’m SORRY, SOOOO SORRY for having doubted you!!! I just got the email, finally (i live in LATAM lol, we always get things with lots of delay) and it says it!!! Thanks for the heads up before!

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No worries! I was trying to copy the text of the email into this thread but it wouldn’t let me post again until someone else responded.

I’m glad we will both enjoy this when the update launches!

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Can’t wait for this update! I’ve really been lovin the collection.

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The update is out now everyone!


Pretty cool additions and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but I still kinda wish they would add the “HD” version of Lost Vikings 2. I agree that the new models look kinda weird at points, but the voice acting is top notch and really adds to the experience. Maybe in another future update?


Agreed! Jim Cummings and Paul Eiding did some of the voices. Good stuff. Surprisingly, Blizzard added the box and manual shots of the 32-bit versions to the gallery…