"Lost connection to Blizzard servers" every 3-4 hours

I keep getting disconnected from the Blizzard servers when playing Modern Warfare every 3 to 4 hours. Its really frustrating because I’ll be in the middle of a close game and get disconnected. I’m switching back to the standard version to see if the issue persists…


This is happening to me almost every single game making it unplayable. is there a fix besides reinstalling a 100GB game?..

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I’ve been getting this disconnect since the November 20 something update and now the game is almost unplayable because of it.

I tried every troubleshooting that exists. It didn’t help but the error happens “only” every 4 rounds or so. The game is still unplayable.
Blizzards support told me it’s Activision’s fault and responsibility.
AND GUESS WHAT: Activision says it’s a Blizzard error, therefore their problem.
Both won’t help anyone having that issue. Have fun with your broken game.
Oh and a refund wasn’t possible as well since I got the game on release. They absolutely don’t care that the crashes started in February.
Thanks for nothing Blizzard and Activision.
I won’t buy any of your broken products ever again.