Looking for Bloodfist Heavy Gloves

Is there a specific creature that I can farm to get these or will it drop in some certain area?

They are found in Normal off any monster, although harder mobs have more of dropping them so Elites and bosses. They don’t come off one specific boss though.

You can also get them gambling from Gheed. Only buy the leather gloves that look exactly like the Unique you want.

Here is a link to the Arreat Summit which is the main website for D2 reference and information. This is a list of the Unique gloves. The low level ones you can tell come from lower difficulty areas of the game.


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Thanks , that’s where I got my info from. Just didn’t say where or who they drop from.

I always had the best luck gambling them from Gheed. Same way I got Frosties or Magefists.

For easy gold, just be sure to pick up throwing knives, scepters, throwing potions. Good value for the bag space.