Looking for advice on new MacBook

Up until last summer, I had used a 2012 MacBook pro as my daily driver, but with Battle for Azeroth, began showing its age in slowdowns and overheating to the point that I couldn’t keep it on my lap. Because of my finances, I sold it and purchased an HP Chromebook which is now showing issues of its own. I absolutely hate Windows 10 to the point that I don’t even use my aging Alienware which still runs WoW great 5 years later.

Now I’m interested in getting a new MacBook, but I’m hung on which one I should get. I’m stuck between the MacBook Air with the 10th gen i7 upgrade, or the MacBook Pro base model with the 8th gen i5. For $50 less, the Air with the 10th gen i7 seems like a no-brainer, but I know the Air (despite its name) also has less efficient cooling than the Pro, so I was hoping somebody here might be able to offer their opinion as to which might be a better pick. Thanks!

Hey, TerminalJive! This is the desktop app forums and tends to not have as much traction for these types of questions. Our World of WarCraft Mac support forums has a ton of helpful players and it’s much more active there if you wanted to ask a community with a passion for Mac and WoW.

As Blizzard technical support, we do not provide recommendations on hardware. It may be good to ask other apple specific forums or at an apple store if possible.