Long Term viability for play on MacOS?

I’m at a place where I need to upgrade my computer. I’ve heard rumors that in the not too distant future, WoW will not be playable on Mac systems. Can I get a confirmation or details about the future for play on Mac OS? I’m looking at a significant financial investment in hardware. I want to be sure WoW is available on the system I purchase. (I’m a lifelong Mac user, so I would like to stay with that system if possible.)

We intend to support Shadowlands, at the least, on Mac. I’m unsure where those rumors are coming from, but there’s no plan I’m currently aware of to phase out Mac support for WoW. Obviously that can change at some point in the future, so I can’t say “We’ll never stop developing for Mac OS” but with these system requirements comes a commitment to continue developing for Mac at least for the upcoming expansion.

Thank you. Your response was very helpful.

This is, indeed, somewhat reassuring.

I would, however, like more info on future plans for Mac with the upcoming transition to Apple’s own silicon (ARM based vs x86 processors). Apple’s transition is expected to be complete in roughly the Shadowlands era (2 years)… which is the approximate time period of the response above.

To put it another way, has Blizzard made a decision about whether they will support the game on Mac’s with Apple Silicon or only Macs with x86? (Obviously Intel / x86 Macs will continue to exist - and supported by Apple - for a significant period of time beyond the transition… but ARM Macs will become increasingly common over the next couple of years).

Apple did discuss various tools Apple is providing to ease the transition (Rosetta 2, etc) but there will be a performance hit using those tools that may not be viable long term.

Any official guidance would be greatly appreciated.


We don’t currently have any official word on that. I will say that they do not currently appear on the system requirements article so we can’t promise any level of support at this time. I’m sure we’ll communicate more after we analyze the changes we’d have to make as well as the benefits the new processors bring to our games and applications, but I’m not the person to make that sort of announcement. If we do hear something concrete I’m more than happy to share it here as well, but I think we’re too soon in the process for a call on that.

I totally understand that you all want assurance in this regard but for now we’ll just have to see how things develop with both Apple and the game client. Hopefully we’ll know more as we get closer to launch.