Long Queue Times WoW Classic

Not sure if this is the right category to post in so please change if needed. I am on the Argural oceanic server and for two out of the past five nights the queue to get into the server has been longer then 90 minutes. I understand that Blizzard said they are working on this issue for American and Europe server and am wanting to know the future direction for the Oceanic servers.

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It’s the same way on Benediction. The last 5-6 nights has had as average que time of 75-95 mins. Last night was almost 3 hours.

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I’m on Benediction too and the current queue is 161 minutes. Apparently Blizzard allowed players to transfer from full servers to other full servers like Benediction. Please fix this ASAP as my subscription is being wasted and I will not renew if I can’t play.

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I am on benediction too and tonight we got a 3 hours queue but 2 weeks ago we barely had 10 mins queues. I am really dissapointed that blizzard let people transfer to a full server like benediction. They were AWARE that this would happens with massive transfers but they didnt even try to prevent it. It happened on other servers already and it just keep happening. The chain will keep goin on again and again unless blizzard force players to transfers ONLY to low-medium servers or start again from lvl 1 on a high-full if they really want to join these. I really love classic wow, i was farming for rank 13 but now with these insane queues and work starting again next week… i can say goodbye to rank 13 and probably to raid night with my guild… i dont see how ill be able to log for raid when i come back from work 1hr before raid starts. Me and my friends shouldnt be FORCED to transfer to keep ENJOYING the game. Player experience has always been blizzard no.1 priority but now it seems that they just dont care about it. These INSANE queues, people using bots to farm materials and honor… its alarming. And blizzard already know that layering WILL NOT FIX the problem… i just hope that blizzard will quickly take some actions to fix this problem and make sure it doesnt happens again.

At least we have body type now…

Blizzard just learned nothing about the past mistakes. The tbc classic team is trully incompetent. Today Benediction server is unstable and made ppl like me had for the alliance raid disbanded after killing half os bosses because of server issues. The least you can do is giving ppl the achiev and mount due to the team incompetence.


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