Login server down

Unable to log in to Battle.net or World of Warcraft separately. World servers are back online, but login server is throwing BLZBNTBGS80000011


Down on my desktop and laptop - no Bnet - downloaded the Bnet app again, but no change. Waiting for Blizz to fix it, as this impacts all of my many Blizz games.

Now throwing BLZBNTBGS80000012, maintenance mode. Might’ve just been login servers came back up then went down again looks like.

Its up now

20 chars and all

I can’t log on either. :frowning: I am getting the error "You have been disconnected from Blizzard services. (WOW51900101)


I have the same problem.

Same problem here…

cant log in classic but I can in retail

I have the same problem, WOW51900101

Im also suffering this wow51900101, Hurry up blizz i got stuff to do!!!

Edit: I’m seeing all my buddies logging in! =(

shadowlands beta going online maybe?

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Same issue here but other computers within the same house can login just fine.

Same here. I can log into retail, but not classic

opposite for me can’t login to retail

Me too, can’t log in retail error code WOW51900101

Thank god it is just not me having issues.

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Blizz is the ultimate troll come maintenance day… 15 years in and still can’t get it right


WOW51900101 error here, can log into retail but not classic

no help on twitter either, they are saying “people are logged in and playing”

Can’t log into Classic - The only one I play - got error code WOW51900101

I’m also getting WOW51900101 when trying log in on my retail account.