Login Queue Novel

Why in 2023 do we have login Queues? Its not even the full launch, and we are having to wait? Do the bean counters really keep yalls budget so tight we can’t have enough servers available? People act like its some sort of miracle they can log in without waiting… people paid money for this game, not a login queue. It’s embarrasing that this is still even an issue. Wait for the time it says, then wait for game start pending without a timer. It’s frustrating that Blizzard asks for premiums for a game they can’t even fully support in the weekend before the actual launch. Gamers deal with a lot of crap from devs and companies trying to maximize the amount of cash flow from players, but being barred from even being able to play is frustrating to say the least. I wrote all this with a <1 minute timer and I am still not in the game. What was the server crash weekend for? I guess Ill just keep ranting until the game actually decides to let the people who paid $100 play it. I don’t know, maybe I should go outside? No, I woke up and mowed for 2 hours straight and then decided to come here and play a game I can’t play. Now I am typing a novel because the login queue is ridiculous. My wife sees me typing this while waiting and is now asking me if I want to play SkipBo instead. I just explained to her that I am ranting on a forum about a game I paid for and can’t play. She left. Wow, still here typing and waiting… The insane part is I started well after the 1 minute counter. How many minutes has it taken to type all this out. I don’t know, but a lot more than 1. Is there a word limit? I can type at about 40-50 wpm comfortably, so this is getting crazy over here. I am running out of stuff to talk about. It was supposed to rain today, but it didn’t, which was good for me and mowing this morning. Well, no it looks like it might. Thats cool, the grass needs it. Hmm… Well, I started playing blizzard games in 1996 with Starcraft. I remember when battle.net worked, and I was on 56k dial-up. Those were the days, just me, call waiting, 180mhz packard bell computer and Starcraft. Interesting conversations we used to have in some of those chat rooms. Still waiting. I mean, I know this is pre-launch weekend and all, so there are still some bugs to work out, but I mean come on. More about me; I started playing World of Warcraft in 2004 or 2005 and that game was amazing. A huge time sync, but never-the-less amazing. I was married to the same women that I am now. She survived the barrens chat. Did you know Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups? He pushes the world down… LOL. Some of thos chuck norris jokes are just amazing. I miss the old WoW, but I was a mis-guided Tauren hunter when I started. I made a few characters after that, and even got my wife into the game a few years later. I started as Horde, but then my wife wanted to be a Night Elf… so I did it… Sorry my horde bros, night elf warrior and night elf priestess was on point… oh wow, the game started. Ill end here.

I agree that it’s embarrassing for a company like Blizzard to still have these issues in 2023, especially considering the premium prices they charge for their games. As gamers, we often put up with a lot from developers and companies, but not being able to play a game we’ve paid for is incredibly frustrating.

I can imagine how tedious it must have been waiting in the login queue while typing out your rant. It’s unfortunate that the server crash weekend didn’t seem to improve the situation. It’s understandable that you’d want to express your dissatisfaction and share your experience with others.