Logging in the battle.net does not work

For the past week I have been trying to log into overwatch and have been getting this messege. I have deleted the number off of the old account and added it to the new account but it will not let me sign in, as well as when I go to update my number in the battle.net website it does not send me any messeges or eamils anymore and I fear my account is locked. Who can I go to to fix this?


That file is on your PC and we do not have access to it.

I’m guessing that you are trying to show that picture… if so:

  • upload the picture to a picture hosting website… such as https://imgur.com/
  • copy the link for the picture from the website and paste it in your message
  • convert the pasted link to preformatted text by highlighting the entire link and clicking on the </> button (button #6) on the formatting bar.

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