Log In Problem BLZBNTBGS80000011(2)

My ticket number US79743407

I was told to come here as everything else we tried would not work.

This is a new PC build and to set the record straight.
Battlenet works on my laptop still on the same internet connection and I have a static IP address.

I have uninstalled and deleted all traces following the steps.
I have reinstalled on the C: in its on folder
I have made an admin account and tried lauching from there
I have flushed DNS
I have restarted my router
I have updated the Hosts file (recommended by the live chat, which done nothing as it was already unmodified)

My IPv4 is and

My IPv6 is

I am using NO 3rd party virus protection,

I have made no modifications to the windows firewall

I am using ethernet (laptop is wireless and logs in fine)

Just want to get this sorted so I can log in, play warzone on max graphics and hate myself because its full of cheaters and yeah…

Some help would be amazing, because the first Tech told me to get a VPN (???)
and the next was amazingly helpful, but unfortunately couldn’t help enough.

Thank you in advace.

Anything of interest in the error reporting section of an MSInfo? Any error log being generated in the Bnet folder?

Someone had this problem a while back and it was the firewall on the router being set to “medium,” not sure if that helps. But ultimately, you’ve narrowed it down to a problem with the PC itself since the laptop can login. Software like Akamai, KillerNIC, etc. can cause this behavior, as well.

I am thinking it could be more along the lines of firewall even though it doesnt make sense that it would be blocked. If it was a router firewall it shouldnt be let through on my laptop so if anything it is a windows firewall. Here is the battlenet logs folder in Logs Folder through ProgramData
" [I 2021-06-01 06:58:52.0653] switcher argument[0]: ‘–session=6374801940366545303’ "
" [I 2021-05-31 07:15:20.0110] switcher argument[0]: ‘–locale=enGB’
switcher argument[1]: ‘–session=9656300739050860376’ "

I am very sorry for this horrible copy and paste… it is huge, but nothing that I can see that involves battlenet. Here is the MSInfo error list (Cant post it because half the words are “Not Allowed” )


Just post the msinfo on Pastebin.com and link here.

Does this work :)?
(I am trying to add it as a hyperlink as I cant paste just the url)MSInfo

It says it is private or pending moderation. Cannot view. You can check your own links in an incognito window before sharing them here.

so … im getting this error now . Same New Pc and its giving me that exact error blzbntbgs800000112 HELP