Log In Issue: "Battle-net" Wants to Use "battlenet-com-cn"

(all “-” below should be “.” because I cannot post a link in the post)
I couldn’t log in on IOS Bnet just downloaded, because:

  1. “Battle-net” Wants to Use “battlenet-com-cn” to Sign In
  2. Click Continue
  3. Safari cannot open the page (which is account-battlenet-com-cn) because the server cannot be found

I do not want to use battlenet-com-cn instead of battlenet-com, but I cannot choose it, resulting in not being able to log in.

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I’m in AU and I’m having the same issue.

Same issues I got , anyone know how to change it?

I had the same issue, going to Settings → General → Language&Region and switching Region not to China mainland allowed me to log in to Battle.net from the app. iPhone iOS 15.7.5

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