Locking on character screen

This morning the game did an update and now it loads to the character screen but no characters there and cant click on anything is locks up have to task manager close it

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Same thing is happening to me. Has anyone contacted or helped you yet?

Toss me on this bug, no characters, can’t click anything. Guess the beta’s done for me.

Same. Been locked out almost all day.

Same here, was playing fine earlier today - shouldn’t have logged out.

This happened to me while I was playing around 1pm mountain time. It got veryyyyyy laggy to where I had to completely restart my computer. The task manager force quit didnt even work. So I restarted and ever since, even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it went and locked on the character screen. At least i’m not the only one

came back after a few hours to see the exact same issue is still happening - launch the game, no options to click on, no characters show up.
Only way to close out is Task Manager.

It’s frustrating… you’ve been waiting all week to be able to play and you find that when you finally can, there are these errors that prevent you from playing. And to make matters worse, nobody speaks up or says if they’re going to fix it… be clear that they won’t do anything. You can go ahead and uninstall the game.

same here,disgusting!

Same issue here. Been locked out for ~12 hours. FML