Local Pricing Issue on WoW Token

As I was forwarded to the forum by the Game Master, although I mentioned that forums might not be the best place to share such abuse, the following message is directly copied from the ticket I recently opened:


I want to share something important with the Blizzard team. As you know, as Turkish players, we recently received decent local pricing from Blizzard, and once again, I am thankful on behalf of the Turkish community. Hopefully, more gamers from Turkey will get to play Blizzard games in the future.

Getting back to the critical thing, WoW Token is also part of the local pricing. I previously shared that this might cause problems in the future creating a ticket, but I assume I wasn’t listened to carefully. Now, I would like to warn Blizzard about this with a clear example. WoW Token is currently 200 Turkish Liras on the shop which is around 11 euros. Someone (who doesn’t have to be Turkish) can simply buy WoW Token in Turkish Liras and convert it to 13 euros in-game on an EU account. As the Turkish Lira collapse, the risk will be even higher. This might be an issue in all countries with local pricing.

So what I would suggest is to exclude WoW Token from local pricing. It should give 13€ in-game and be 20€ on the shop so that malicious people won’t be able to get an unfair advantage. I am a long-time fan and a gold farmer now for a long time. I always play by the rules, and I am happy to warn my all-time favorite video game company when I detect a problem. I hope that I was clear enough in explaining the issue. I would also like to remind you that we still can’t gift Blizzard products and we are waiting for Turkish>Turkish gifts to be available one day. Thanks for taking the time to read my ticket.

Best regards,