Local letter crashes game


I’ve been playing WoW for a while. I play on a Mac with macOS and am experiencing a technical problem. I’m a Turkish player and in my language we have the letter ‘Ş’, which is located near the far right-hand side of the keyboard that Apple specifically makes for Turkish that includes a few other characters as well. The problem is that whenever I accidentally hit the key ‘Ş’ accidentally while playing, the whole game crashes instantly and shuts itself. This does not occur if I’m typing in the chat window. I would be happy if Blizzard would be able to solve this minor issue that’s causing a lot of problem and frustration during the game for me. Thanks a lot.

You are posting in the WC2 forum here. Now I am sure if you try a little bit harder you can find your way to the proper forums to post your issue.
Unfortunately I doubt people playing wc2 would be very helpful to you.
That said feel free to come play WC2 with me and my friends we play every weekend! I have no doubt you’d have a very good time on that timeless gem. Cheers!