Loadouts are all gone just now mw2 mw3

i was just in a game and all was good. At the end of game people were talking about how their loadouts were gone and i could see all of our rankings were at level 1 some said level 2. The next game i was at level 1 and i could see my profile stats were in a never ending loading loop, top right. I restarted blizzard and everything, still glitched, mw2 and mw3 both the same. I am on pc


same issue here, not sure what is going on

Wrong forum.

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games.

For in-game issues on Call of Duty, you need to contact Activision support:

I passed this info along to an Activision Dev I know, as I was hit with this issue as well.

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oops , ty , last time i said anything in gaming forum was in steam, many years ago

well thats about the only way to get in contact with someone

Ty Napalm , ill try again later on today

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I’m in the same boat. Yesterday everything was perfect. Loved in today, battle pass won’t load, stays on fetching days and then gives an error. My load outs are still built but can’t use them in hand cause I’m back to level 1. Same thing w mw2 all my stats, weapon levels are all back to level 1. I submitted a Activision ticket hopefully it gets resolved quick.

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same is happening on PS5. It affects every progression in the game; rank, stats, loadouts, skins etc

Hey all,

Please see Boubou’s post above.

Hey i just got home, logged in and there was a update. I just played a game and all is good. This thread can be deleted, whenever you feel is good. Ty everyone

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