Loadout menu keeps popping up in Modern Warfare 2019

After doing various tests I’ve found that everytime I equip my stopping power field upgrade, the loadout menu pops up. This is very annoying. Sometimes the menu won’t pop up but instead a pink box appears on the screen for a split second, but it acts as if I opened up the loadout menu so there’s about a second of lag that occurs.

Is this happening to anyone else? I’ve tried resetting my key binds and it’s still an issue. The key I use for my field upgrade is also my lethal grenade key (one of my mouse buttons) but using a lethal doesn’t give me the loadout bug issue.

I’ve also tried swapping the stopping power perk to my other mouse button and I’m having the same issue. So I think it has to be an issue with the SP field upgrade.

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I’ve been having the same issue and keeps happening mid fight or randomly

I don’t even know what my keybind is for it