Link items from Auction API to in game auction house?

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Let’s suppose I have identified this listing as underpriced and want to flip it. I have the item id 82800 and the pet stats but how can I search the in game auction house? I’d love to find the documentation on this but if the answer is a one liner that’s fine too.

without a creature id you cannot get the name but you can find the species and the quality to narrow it down a bit

If you are familiar with the in-game API you can create an ItemKey for any pet like this:

itemKey = C_AuctionHouse.MakeItemKey(82800, nil, nil, 1442)

Last argument is the pet_species_id from the API entry. You can then filter the returned results by matching the actual id from the API.

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I had hoped to have a web page that people could use and just charge off to their AH and buy the bargains. Do I need to make an addon to use the itemkey?

I’m not sure I understand what you want, but here are some information about the AH endpoint:

You can’t create/cancel/buy or do anything outside the game. The AH API is read only and exposes a snapshot taken every 1 hour (so it doesn’t even represent the current state of the auction data in-game).

Yes, it is for the in-game Lua/XML API. I thought you were trying to use the API data to import a “shopping list” via addon.

If you only want to find out the pet name so you can manually search the AH, you must follow the path pointed by Ulminia. Fetch pet species from the pet API endpoints and go from there.

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You may laugh but I didn’t know that endpoint existed. Thanks! gives details of "Scabby."

I get this when I enter 2346 taken from “pet_species_id”:2436. That’s enough to find any listing. Appreciate your help.