Let me see my friends' names!? WTH?

You made your store bigger and my friends’ names nonexistent. Guess which of the two I care about.

This is why people use Steam.

I am looking at my Desktop app and my friends list does not appear to have changed. It is docked over at the right. This sounds like you either undocked the friends list so it is in a different window (you can re-dock it under the Friends settings at the top of the list) or maybe you have the launcher app set to a larger size compared to your desktop?

Or is this on mobile?


Sorry, just saw at the bottom right there’s a collapse name list button (for some reason) that I must’ve accidentally clicked.

I took for granted Blizzard these days just wanted me to suffer in order for them to have a bigger advertisement on their launcher, my b (kinda).

Couldn’t tell you why there’s a popout, collapse, and chats and groups button but I don’t design these UIs.

Thanks for the response, sorry for the false alarm.

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Glad you figured it out and it was just a UI setting.