Leaderboard changes Diablo 3


I saw some changes announced here regarding the D3 leaderboards:

Will the API also be changed and if so, where can we find a list of the changes so we can change our leaderboard implementation?

Silent, Maxroll.gg

Hi Silent.

Only a blue can provide accurate information, but I can share what we know based on how we usually receive API changes.

There is no API for PTR/Beta so any API change will probably go live after the changes are patched in the retail version of the game. Once the APIs are live the official docs page are also updated to match the new endpoints.

Sometimes we receive a preview of how the new endpoints will work in a forum post, so it is worth keeping track of blue announcements over both D3 and the API forum.

You might want to join API discord server (if you didn’t already) and take advantage of the API blue tracker and announcements channel.

Thanks @Shiller,

I joined the discord. We need some time to prepare for any changes. But so far we don’t know of any changes. Will the API at least be backwards compatible so our entire stack doesn’t break ?


I believe if breaking changes are necessary they will at least post those in advance here in the forum, but again this is not guaranteed.

The best we can do now is wait for a blue answer or a blue post regarding D3. At least for WoW during the API migration we had regular announcements about new features and changes.

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