Launcher doenst work well with unstable connection

Since im using WiFi with the oldest technology, i struggel sometimes with the connection.
But that is not the problem.
Im Using several Launchers, but the battlenet launcher is the only one who, when i Disconnect, while im gaming an offline game on steam, it throws me on the desktop, my first question why? learn from steam, it went to offline mode and disconnected me from friendlist, but it didnt bothered me while i was gaming.

and when i DC alot or for a longer time, i lose access to my account and have to reenter my details like email and password, again why? it doenst even work when i restart the launcher, i still have to reenter my email and password.

please fix this, its annoying as hell, i would like to delete this bad launcher, but i have no other choice to use it. and even if i have a better connection, it doenst fix the problem that the launcher does poorly if you DC alot.