Launched Problem

Launched app,HIT PLAY and nothing HAPPENS just minimizes the app and nothing few moments LATER tells me to hit play again
MY SYSTEM IS MORE THEN Required Capability
:pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: please help me :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

I had the same issue the only programs I could not run were Blizzard Battlenet app. and consequently all of my blizzard games. I would launch the app it would appear in tray and nothing. Tried re-installing app several times and it worked once but then same thing. and had to resolve on my own after following all of the β€œBlizzard suggested troubleshooting.”
So while running the MSinfo and DX Diag to send to Blizzard tech support, I was browsing through MSinfo and found that AudioDG.exe was causing errors every so often . The solution for me was to update my audio software for my wireless headphones. Steel SeriesEngine 3. As soon as I updated the software and did a shutdown restart, Boom! Like there was never a problem. Hope this helps.

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So basically you telling me i must check all my drivers for updates?