"Last played" buttons feedback

“Last played” buttons are not comfortable. I keep confusing buttons when I just want to go to the game page and not launch it.

Suggestion: Check box in the app Settings which makes it possible to disable “Last Played” buttons.


I think that the Icons for Quick Launch should be smaller. Instead of having the blue play icon beside the logo it should be on top of it. The change in icon could help with confusion over if you’re clicking to view the product page or launching the game.

For example:

I think the entire quick launch bar should be taken away, and replaced with a quick launch tab that’s attached to the game tab in your favorites bar.

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no one would use it if they disabled it


I absolutely hate this feature. Please get rid of it.


I already made a suggestion to be able to turn it off, but it’s not like they read them.


I managed to right click on the last played options and they eventually disappeared.

They come back though.

If they read these forums, they wouldn’t be even using the new launcher.

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