Lack of Ultrawide support, valid for refund?

I just assumed D4 would support Ultrawide since D3 has no real issues with 32:9 resolutions. I was watching some videos and people seem to be saying or acting like D4 will only support wide screen resolutions and not ultra-wide, eg 32:9 will have wasted space or black bars on the side.

If that holds true, did I just waste 75 bucks on a game I likely wont play? :slightly_frowning_face:

From what i heard straight from joe shely’s mouth is they will be supporting ultrawides and super ultrawides will have black bars on each end.

Ya I will just have to drop 2-3k for the Samsung Ark monitor now lol

They Don’t care! you can see it by the little things they refuse to do/fix.
I feel bad for the DEVs they keep getting fired because of Pure Greed… I Wonder if Sorotts owns EA?