Lack of organization from Blizzard support

Estou a 10 minutos aqui no fórum do suporte (i’m writing in portuguese) e até agora não consegui filtrar os tópicos apenas de Hearthstone, existe um filtro? Se houver isso está péssimo, nem um pouco intuitivo.

I’ve been here for 10 minutes on the support forum and so far I haven’t been able to filter the topics only from Hearthstone, is there a filter? If there is, it’s awful, not at all intuitive.

There’s support for the things Blizzard does? no freaking way!

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You can search for the word Hearthstone… and that would give you all the posts with that word. But it won’t give you posts about Hearthstone if the author did not use that word in his post.

But there is no filter for a specific game… because most posts about Hearthstone will be (and should be) on the Hearthstone forums, which are separate from the forums here. For example, the Hearthstone forums in Portuguese are located here:

and, if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you can change the region and the language by clicking on the Earth icon.

I hope this helps; best of luck in your games !

Hi again,

You didn’t say what exactly you were looking for… so it is difficult to give you specific information.

In addition to the forums (typically, each game has its own set of forums, but there are exceptions), there are some Support Articles that can provide information… if you click on the Support button on the upper left corner of the screen, it will open up the Knowledge Base site for the games. In there, you can find information on how to troubleshoot crashes or connection issues in Hearthstone or how to report a bug.

Navigation in the Knowledge Base takes some time to “master”… and sometimes it’s easier to post on the forums about it.

Best of luck in your games !