Keyboard/mouse Bug

At odd moments of play, I can no longer cast any spells. SOMETIMES, I can fix it by jumping to settings, then graphic’s and back into the game without getting killed. Other times, it’s kill the game time. Happens fairly constant. I also have another persons problem of spells locking on. As far as the “L-mouse” button complaint, set the PC load that D3 has: Hold the shift key. Settings are set for “Keyboard”. I have a std system: Intel Quad, 16GM, 1TB drive and a Nvidia GTX-1650 w/ 4G.


suele pasar pero siempre hay una solucion

i also get this issue where my keyboard ‘locks up’ and i cant cast anything, after smashing the keyboard a few times it sometimes works again. usually I die first.

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As an addition to this, I also suffer from the keyboard lock out problem. The mouse still works, in that you can click about the place, but I have to mash the keyboard and eventually the character regains control and works again.

i have the same problem. i find walking a step or double tapping the last skill you used, or cancel skill helps… but not a fix

I’ve the same problem, here.

been the same here, at first was upon occasion. Now it’s pretty constant. Only fix I could find was to log out then back in. This is incredibly annoying.