Keep getting tagged for PvP without my consent

WoW keeps tagging me for PvP, even though I don’t want it and I am on “Normal” pve server. The support site changes make it hard to make bug reports or complaints.

That is because the Suport site is not supposed to be used for either of those things.

  1. This is not a bug. This is part of the Pre-expansion zombie scourge invasion event.
  2. If you wish to provide feedback on WoW you are to post it on the WoW forums where the Community Managers read and collect feedback. WoW general is the place for feedback about the pre-expansion event.
  3. If it was a bug, the way to report bugs for WoW is to use the in-game bug report tool or post on the Bug Report forum. That gets info to QA. They do not contact you though or fix individual bugs for people one on one. It is handled via patch.

So, you can’t put in a ticket because you are trying to ticket for something the GMs don’t handle. They do not collect feedback and pass it to the Devs nor do they collect bug reports for QA.