Just bought Warcraft II and the game won't start

All is explained in the title. I just bought the game, the installation was successful. But the game won’t open. Please solve it quickly or refund.

Hey Labyala,

See here for community provided fixes. “Patch #3” and “Patch #4” should fix up performance issues with WC2.

WC2 fixes

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If you are muted and get sent to The Void for multiplayer… I would refund it and buy the GoG official release. But the damage might have already been done, if bnet launcher is open in the background. I haven’t refunded and tested yet. Because its $15 bucks… spend more on beer in a weekend and it goes where? lol… I probably should go without.

Are these the same community updates i saw refered.to on gog forum from years.ago?

I also have run into helpful users that have provided files (there is a graphical glitch in lobby chat)

What about actual official updates and patches from blizzard.

I have seen and heard from users trying to help and also these unoffical mods not play nice with them. But in the same time they promote user fixes.

I guess its the norm for blizzz er activision er microsoft these days. Release subpar maybe fix it a little …eventually…or usually not.

I logged onto sc remastered and it had 60 users (rip those types of information being available in warcraft 2) so warcraft ii would possibly have similar numbers.
Meaning count on never getting blizzard support for warcraft ii with such low users base. Such a shame. We have waited 20 years for warcraft ii to be avaible again, tobad it didnt receive a better launch and support.

Hey its maxx444
I called you Lagg444 earlier today hehe

These are all either new or updated as of two or less days ago. So they should be taylored to the current issues.

That should be fixed by “Patch #4”.

They haven’t said anything so it’s hard to tell. I did forward all issues to Bliz on the 4th, but that’s where my involvement ended.

From what I can tell, I don’t think they intended to update the games for release. It seems to be more of a release them “as is”. Maybe due to in part that they don’t really need to with GoG’s versions available.

Updated versions have been available on GoG for quite a while (not sure exactly how long).

There was a conflict in connection between you and I, Chayliss. And I pmd Blue… lag was still there after I left. I will wait to play until I’m on my wired connection. You can kick my butt then.