Junker Queen feels weak

I think she is really fun… that being said, she feels very underwhelming. as far as power levels go, I give her 2/5 stars. great idea. poor execution on the Dev part. however, I think she can be fixed. there are lots of tiny things that could be done to make her a better tank without changing her completely. ill list 10 of them I thought of.
(I’m not implying that everything I’m listing should be done. but maybe pick and choose a few. mix and match you know.)

my list:

  1. increase health (not sure by how much. could depend on other buffs)
  2. increase healing from bleeds
  3. reduce swing time on axe
  4. reduce CD on shout (probably very slightly if any)
  5. make her unstoppable when winding up ult?
  6. give her shout bonus after she uses ult.
  7. make it easier to get ult.
  8. make her bleeds uncurable (not sure if this is already a thing or not so, please don’t flame me for saying this if I’m wrong)
  9. change the type of anti-healing her ult is so it can’t be cured.
  10. slight increase in damage. (I think her damage is okay right now)

These are just some ideas. remember I’m not saying all of them should be done. but maybe pick a few and try it. These are just my thoughts and ideas. don’t flame me thanks =)

At the end of the day though. she is still a 10/10 on the hotness scale IMO Haha.