Junior developer needs help to getting started

Hi all! Your community and guides are amazing but I’m having troubles getting started. I’m a junior developer and I decided to make a webclient app for my final grade project with Vue and Node.js.

I read all the doc and guides you have posted here in the forums but I’m not sure if it’s outdated (I doubt it) or if I’m doing something incorrectly. The first thing I tried is installing the blizz library that helps to log in and get your access token, and I cloned the blizz-example to test it out.

When I try to do something by myself or with the blizz-example code, I get the 400 response, I can get my access token with getAccessToken() but when I try to use ValidateAccessToken(region, accessToken) it gives me the 400 bad request.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I tried coding it by myself with node.js and using the examples on git.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

PD Sorry if I explained my issue poorly, english isn’t my native

Do you have your code in a gist or a github repo we can check out?

If you want to have a complete character list of a signed-in user you need the Authorization Code flow. Now if you only want to query a character by its name and realm, you can use the Client Credentials Flow.

Here is a code snippet for generating the access_token: OAuth2 client credentials implementations

And in this post you can find a list of open source projects made by the community using different ways to integrate a NodeJS app.