Joy Journey forever

Why can’t we have Joyous Journeys all the time, with the ability to turn it off for those who want to? I love this buff and play more because of it. I love playing all classes and races so this buff is amazing and could give more EXP I think. Please leave it in game. Also bring back RDF what a joy it was to have that option. Please dont ever get rid of WOTLK like you did with TBC. The classics are the reason i play so uf the keep going away i will go away. I don’t like retail because it went to far away from the classic versions and VANILLA, TBC, and WOTLK are my favorites and the only reason I pay to play WOW. Chuck Norris would use Joyous Journeys but at level 1 he is still MAX level!!!

Thank you longtime fan and player Barclane!!!